For the academic year 2015 to 2016, the fees per term are:


Term Junior (I-IV) Prep (V-VII) Senior (VIII-X) Senior (XI-XII)
Jan-Apr PKR91'682 PKR98'432 PKR101'560 PKR103'844
May-Aug PKR155'880 PKR167'084 PKR171'064 PKR173'348
Sep-Dec PKR155'880 PKR167'084 PKR171'064 PKR173'348
Total (Per Annum) PKR403'442 PKR432'600 PKR443'688 PKR450'540


Charges at the time of Admission:
Admission Fee (Non Refundable): PKR25,000
College Development Fee (Non Refundable): PKR30,000
Security Fee (Refundable): PKR40,000
Total: PKR95,000

Conditions relating to unpaid fees, notice, deposits for overseas pupils, confidentiality and other matters may be obtained from the School on request.Parents/Guardians are notified of any changes in the fee structure.

Optional Expenses

It is the School’s policy to make the fees as inclusive as possible.  No extra charges are made, for instance, for games, or for travel to away matches or regattas.  Extras are confined to those things which are genuinely personal expenditure, or incurred optionally, such as clothing, shoes, stationery, visits to theatres, visits to The Mall in Murree, and any books bought to supplement those borrowed or hired from the School’s book pounds.

Fees in Advance

Please contact our Bursary for further information.


Scholarships and Bursaries

Lawrence College Ghora Gali has a tradition of offering a wide range of generous scholarships and other awards. Please ask for details.