Sunday Exeats

Pupils are allowed to visit Murree on Sundays, within the allowed boundaries, through exeats which are special written permissions from the respective House Master. These ‘exeats’ have time slots.

  • There are two time slots for Juniors in Senior School
    • 0900hrs to 1500hrs, Roll Call time is 1500hrs
    • 1300hrs to 1900hrs, Roll Call time is 1900hrs.
  • There is a single time slot for Seniors:
    • 0900hrs to 1900hrs, Roll Call time is 1900hrs.

Each pupil is aware of the ‘out of bound’ areas. These no go areas are strictly adhered to by every student.

Weekend Movies

The Lawrence Hall at Senior School is fully equipped with the latest cinema equipment and a full size screen. Senior School boys enjoy a movie every weekend at the Lawrence Hall. The entire Senior School is led into the hall where they enjoy a good English, Indian or Pakistani movie.